Consultant Award Papers
Sl. No Name Phone No Email id Title
1 Dr Seepana Ramesh 9490713477 Tympanomastoidectomy: Microscopic Or Endoscopic
2 Dr Devika Shere 7738503401 Repair Of Focal Posterior Canal Wall Defects Using Bony Plate Over the sigmoid sinus
3 Dr Haripriya H 9495103208, 9496137607 Prevalence, Clinical Profile And Diagnosis Of Dizziness In Pediatric Population
4 Dr Arvind Kairo 9868491991 Over Expression Of Psoriasin In Middle Ear Cholesteatoma Increases Inflammation, Bone destruction and severity of disease: ultrastructural and molecular findings
5 Dr Pradeep Pradhan 9968634053 To evaluate the postoperative outcomes of the endoscopic stepes surgery carried out in a single tertiary care center.
6 Dr Dillip Samal Melanoma of external auditory canal; An uncommon entity.
7 Dr Prem Sagar 9868078734 Postoperative Outcome Of Elective Mastoid Surgery: Pediatric Vs Adult Patients
8 Dr Anoop Chandran 8754732626 Vertigo Clinic Patients - A Two Year Clinical Audit
9 Dr Abha Kumari 8056235267 Clinical Study To Determine Occult Vestibular Dysfunction In Patients Of Chronic Otitis Media Using Computerized Static Posturography
10 Dr.M.Kumaresan Muthaih 9841055774 A New Method of Cadaver Dissection In The Temporal Bone
11 Dr Joyce Rozario 9845812901 Simultaneous Labyrinthectomy and Cochlear Implantation.
12 Dr Anupam Hazarika 9954201385 Functional Endoscopic Middle Ear Surgery- Concept And Application
13 Dr Shankar BG 9060522539 / Endoscopic Exploratory Tympanotomy: Our Experience
14 Dr Anjali Lepcha 9677413151 Audiological effects of occupational noise exposure in high risk staff in a tertiary care hospital in South India
15 Dr Aishwarya Anand 9994355755 Diameter of the long process of the incus in choosing stapes prosthesis
16 Dr Vivek Kumar 7782923909 Conchal cartilage cap for stapes suprastructure : a novel approach to hearing reconstruction
17 Dr Paramita Saha End to mastoid cavity problems
18 Dr Udayabhanu H.N 9886653653, 39-3201193555(italy) Cholesteatoma of the external auditory canal: review of staging and surgical strategy
19 DR Harshita T R 9945254872 Microsurgical Anatomy Of Stapedius Muscle: Anatomy Revisited, Redefined With Potential Impact In Surgeries
20 Dr Dinesh Kumar 9620928650 / 6360844691 Ahila's Diathermy Round Knife for Endoscopic Ear Surgery.
21 Dr Yogesh Dabholkar Effect of Habitual Cell Phone Use on the Auditory Functions of Inner Ear
22 Dr Vikram Jagannathan 9884083003 A Study on Otological manifestations of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction
23 Dr B Y Praveen Kumar 9880745799 Transcanal facial nerve decompression for traumatic facial nerve paralysis
24 Dr Gautam Bir Singh 9818836242 Role of mastoid exploration in pediatric tympanoplasty
25 Dr Sunitha Chhapola Shukla