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E poster Consultant List
Sl. No Name Phone No Email id Title
1 Dr Pradeep Pradhan padiapradhan@gmail.com Otogenic intracranial complications
2 Dr M Panduranga Kamath 9845147529 pandonox123@gmail.com Case Report- Rare Case Of Middle Ear Tumor
3 Dr Rajeev kumar 9968569892 rajeev9843@yahoo.co.in Comparing the outcome in patients of CSOM undergoing CWD mastoidectomy with or without canal wall reconstruction/ cavity obliteration
4 DR. Sunil Kumar 9415820661 drsunil_kumar123@rediffmail.com Bezold’s abscess: an unique presentation
5 Dr.Devaraja K 9999662597 / 9013095954 deardrdr@gmail.com Malignant otitis externa
6 Dr Ajay Bhandarkar M 7975871935 bm.ajay@gmail.com Acute facial paralysis in a child: It is never always a Bells Palsy
7 DR. Hitendra Prakash Singh 9456048923 drhpsingh77@gmail.com Composite Multifractured Osteoperiosteal Flap: New hope for cavity problems
8 Dr Kailesh Pujary 9845144015 kailesh.pujary@manipal.edu Post surgical canal cholesteatoma
9 Dr Vybhavi M K 9845249030 vybhavi999@gmail.com Facial paralysis in temporal bone trauma- A case report
10 DR Praveen Basker 9994195593 prayush24@gmail.com Congenital Absence of Incus presenting as Conductive Deafness
11 Dr.Aishwarya Anand 9994355755 aishwaryaanandcmc@yahoo.in Mastoid obliteration using bioactive glass
12 Dr Wadekar G M 9881231545 gwadekar@gmail.com Bonalive granules in mastoid cavity obliteration
E-Poster PG
Sl. No Name Phone No Email id Title Title
1 Dr Kiran Herur Keerti 8762594464 ksv.504@gmail.com Inflammatory Puedotumour In Lateral Skull Base Postgraduate
2 Dr. Mona yadav 7056277386 drmonayadav92@gmail.com The Surgical Refinements In Lateral Temporal Bone Resection For Successful Outcomes Postgraduate
3 Dr.Shruthi Sreekumar 9962020252 shruthi_sreekumar@yahoo.co.in Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of External Auditory Canal- Timely Diagnosis Game Changer Postgraduate
4 Dr Harsimrat Singh harypol278@gmail.com Persistant diplopia in gradenegos syndrome Postgraduate
5 Dr Utkarsh Agrawal utkarshagrawal24031991@gmail.com Association of Central Obesity With the Severity and Audiometric Configurations of Age-related Hearing Impairment Junior resident
6 Dr Aditi R 7760557950 aquaditi22@gmail.com A Case Of Tragal Cylindroma Junior resident
7 Dr Kidav Darshan Narayan. 9847057097 drdarshan_kidav@yahoo.co.in Prevalence Of Sensorineural Hearing Loss In Patients With Diabetes Mellitus. Junior resident
8 Dr Ahmed Jalwa C. 9633457667 jalwapalakki049@gmail.com Complicated COM-Mucosal disease in uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus Junior resident
9 Dr. Utkarsh Agrawal utkarshagrawal24031991@gmail.com Comparative study of various types of materials used for ossiculoplasty Junior resident
10 Dr. Epibeni L Humtsoe 8601847928 epilhumtsoe@gmail.com Bullet In Temporal Bone : A Interesting Presentation / Evaluation of Temporal Bone Cholesteatoma and the Correlation Between High Resolution Computed Tomography and Surgical Findings Junior resident
11 Dr Latha Bai R 9620916444 parulatha24@gmail.com A Rare Presentation Of Herpes Zoster Oticus With Multiple Cranial Nerve Involvement Junior resident
12 Dr Ashvanee Kumar Chaudhary drashvaneebhu21@gmail.com A case of Osteogensis Imperfecta undergoing cochlear implant Junior resident
13 DR. Ananthu Hari Krishnan ananthuharikrishnan@gmail.com Otoendoscopy An Auxiliary For Ear Surgeries Under Consultant / Junior resident
14 Dr Kanhai R. Naik kanhairnaik@gmail.com A Study on the Prevalence of Franks sign (Diagonal Ear lobe crease) in patients with Ischemic cardiovascular disease and Diabetes Mellitus e poster / Junior resident
15 Dr. Naina Narasimhadevara nnaina_91@yahoo.com To see the presence of biofilms in middle ear mucosa by identifying the biofilm producing organisms in chronic otitis media – mucosal disease. PG student for e-poster presentation / Junior resident
16 DR Stuti Mathur omvirendra1993@gmail.com Sphenoid sinus , anterior medial temporal lobe encephalocele with spontaneous csf leak