PG Award Papers
Sl. No Name Phone No Email-id Tittle
1 DR. Akash A R 9945772512 Diagnosis And Treatment Of Menieres Disease- Our Experience
2 Dr. Spandana. S. Pardikar Delayed Facial Nerve Paralysis –An Uncommon Complication Of Tympanomastoid Surgery.
3 Dr. G N Nikisha 9445378910 Ear Lobe Repair-An Innovative Method
4 Dr. Rekha 9847307282 Tegmen Tympani Defect and temporal lobe encephalocele, secondary to Mastoid Surgery.
5 Dr. Harikrishan B 9495327375 Patients with meniere’s disease who are refractory to intra-tympanic gentamicin Therapy where subjected to either endolymphatic sac decompression or vestibular Neurectomy.
6 Dr Anu Jacob 7708023989 Malignant otitis externa: a risky business
7 Dr.Nalina P A 9448587945 Herpes Zoster Cephalicus in an Immunocompromised patient
8 Dr Prajwal S D 9632089849 Anatomical and audilogical outcomes of cartilage Tympanoplasty
9 Dr.Ansha Eldhose 9496251362, 8921197763 Bilateral Congenital Absence Of Stapes Superstructure, Rare Ossicular Anomaly -Managed Endoscopically
10 Dr. Aanchal Aggarwal 7350075555 Cochlear Implants in Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD): Role of Electrically Evoked Auditory Brainstem Responses (EABR) and serial Neural Response Telemetry (NRT)
11 Dr Gopika Talwar Comparison Of Different Vascularised Tympanomeatal Flaps Used In Tympanoplasty
12 Dr Utkarsh Agrawal 9457751805 Association of Central Obesity With the Severity and Audiometric Configurations of Age-related Hearing Impairment
13 Dr. sanchit bajpai 7007335207 Study On Use Of Platelet Rich Plasma In Myringoplasty
14 Dr VanlalHriati Leivang 8827866880 The Depth Of Facial Nerve In The Mastiod Bone
15 Dr Vinuta Patil 9632720556 Comparitive Study Between Microscopic Myringoplasty And Endoscopic Myringoplasty
16 Dr.Nahas.K 7558986558 Effect Of Time Since Diagnosis Of Type 2 Diabetes-Mellitus And Glycemic Control ,On Hearing
17 Dr Architha Menon P 9538417393 Hearing Outcomes Following Canal Wall Down Mastoidectomies With Tympanoplasty
18 Dr. Ashish G Rao 9535651499 Comparison Of Microscopic &Amp; Endoscopic Myringotomy With Or Without Grommet
19 Dr. Epibeni l. Humtsoe 8601847928 Evaluation of Temporal Bone Cholesteatoma and the Correlation Between High Resolution Computed Tomography and Surgical Findings
20 Dr Ashvanee Kumar Chaudhary Mapping of Paediatric Cochlear Implant using Neural Response Threshold (NRT) & Behavioural Observation Audiometry (BOA)
21 Dr Leah Thomas Waran 9003602582 Comparing Hearing Outcomes In Co2 Laser Stapedotomies And Routine Stapedotomies
22 Dr Akash Aradhya S 9164596759 Comparative Study of Palisade Cartilage Tympanoplasty with Temporalis Fascia Tympanoplasty in CSOM with Subtotal Perforations
23 Dr.Geetha .N 9620713518 Case series of veria technique cochlear implant done at Our centre ( vims and rc)
24 DR.N.Murugan 9787494549 To evaluate the different factors which may influence quality of recovery of the facial movements following a nerve decompression in traumatic facial nerve palsy.
25 Dr Sweta mary / Facial nerve Decompression
26 Dr latha Naik Hearing Screening
27 Dr Chaitra 7259580822 Anatomy of the mesotympanum: human temporal bone study
28 Dr. Sreenivas Kamath K 8105239209 Ancient schwannoma mimicking Glomus Jugulare.
29 Dr Shalima P S 8288995526 Management of recurrent collaural fistula : a case report
30 DR. Ananthu Hari Krishnan Otomycosis – Study Of Aetiopathological Factors And Mycological Spectrum
31 Dr Shilpi Agarwal Tuberculous Otitis media with facial paralysis- a case report
32 Dr Stuti Mathur Facial nerve schwannoma