Temporal Bone Dissection Workshop

  • Register for the competition by sending a confirmation mail with your Name, email ID, Phone number, ISO Membership number & Conference Registration No. to Dr. Sandhya D, Mobile No: 9880323462, E-mail: sandhyaisoconmysuru2018@gmail.com, before 31st Aug 2018.
  • Please bring the dissected specimens personally to the conference & hand it over to the ISO counter on the morning of 16th November 2018, the first day of the conference. The bones will be evaluated by a suitable committee & the participants should be present at the executive committee meeting on the first day the conference.
  • The contest is open to both residents & consultants.
  • Conference registration is mandatory to participate in the contest.
  • Each candidates should submit three temporal bones each with the following dissection in wet bones
    1. 1) Translabyrinthine approach to internal auditory meatus.
    2. 2) Exposure of semi circular canals, Labyrinth and Facial nerve.
    3. 3) Dissected according to candidate’s own choice
  • Suitable illustration, labelling & explanation should accompany each dissection
  • Prize winner will be selected at the Executive committee meeting during the conference.

Note: ISO Membership is not mandatory for Post Graduates.

Time Date Topic Faculty
8.00 AM - 10.00 AM 17-10-2018 Basic Temporal Bone Dissection Demonstration Dr Ravi Ramalingam
10.00 Am - 1.00 PM 17-10-2018 Temporal Bone Dissection Group A
2.00 PM - 5.00 PM 17-10-2018 Temporal Bone Dissection Group B
8.00 AM - 10.00 AM 18-10-2018 Advanced Temporal Bone Dissection Demonstration Dr Enrico Piccirillo
10.00 AM - 1.00 PM 18-10-2018 Temporal Bone Dissection Group C
2.00 PM - 5.00 PM 18-10-2018 Temporal Bone Dissection Group D
Temporal Bone Dissection Workshop
Sl No Name
1 DR. Mona Yadav
2 DR. Prajwal S D
3 MR. DR Hashmi Mohammad Syed
4 DR. Amith Jacob
5 DR. Aditi R
6 DR. Ahmed Jalwa C
7 MR. Rajesh Choudhary
8 DR. Jayandra Gyanu
9 DR. Soaniya Malempati
10 DR. Amit Kumar Singh
11 DR. Ashish G Rao
12 DR. Sanchit Bajpai
13 DR. Nahas.K
14 DR. Harendra Yadav
15 DR. Vinuta Patil
16 DR. S.Deepak
17 DR. Gandrati Srija
18 DR. Rekha
19 DR. Sahil Kapoor
20 DR. Ketan Agarwal
21 DR. Architha Menon P
22 DR. Dabbara Krishna Sai
23 DR. Gopika Talwar
24 DR. Prabhu Narayan Jaiswal
25 DR. Krushna Sai
26 DR. Sahil Kapoor
27 DR. Ketan Agarwal